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8 Sep 07 12:36:22 am
I have heard that there are companies that you can pay and they garentee you a number of hits to your website.
There is a company in the uk that if you pay around 1000 USD they garentee 2.5 million hits to your website.
If anybody has heard of this or anybody tried this i would be greatful to hear of your expieance.

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8 Sep 07 06:05:11 pm
Don't do it! I tried buying a couple thousands untargetted visitors about two years ago and got no signups. Not recommended.

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8 Sep 07 06:29:18 pm
yes please dont waist your money you would be better off using that money on pay per click

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9 Sep 07 01:05:02 am
Buying traffic for you website is just a new twist on the old system of buying email addresses years back when people were selling by spamming. It's just a rip-off. Even if they could send traffic to your site, it would not be targeted traffic and you would get no sales from the visitors..

Instead try linking your site to other sites and installing so good keywords in your web pages, (content pages) try using the key words in multiples of 2 or 3. Don't try to just put in a bunch of mumbo jumbo content pages with keyword spamming, but instead use the content pages to describe your products. Things such as the benefits of the product, it's specs, features and things like that..The spyders will locate your site and give it a much better ranking by doing these things...

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10 Sep 07 11:04:24 am
I agree totaly with the above. I invested in 250,000 supposedly targeted visitors to 2 of my websites. A total of 500,000 visitors for nil return. It also wrecked my adsense CTR. :evil:

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15 Sep 07 09:48:01 am
Dont EVER buy traffic because it WILL NOT be targetted to your site - I know having sold ebooks for 2 years online, then when they have reached their end of life, I put them on Ebay.

Anyway if you want Targeted traffic without having to Pay a penny in advertising fees check out Link hidden: Login to view


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