Has anyone had any success selling toys on eBay?

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23 Apr 09 12:00:47 pm
I've been looking through a lot of liquidators and have seen some great deals. I've checked out a few different categories, and toys look like a good place to start. I'm wondering, though if that market has too much competition on eBay. Has anyone had any success? A good profit margin and a high turnover rate? I'm sure it will be great around Christmas time. Wouldn't hurt to be in the market already when Christmas rolls around. Also how much damaged stock would you expect? I know that depends on the supplier and other things, but in just in general? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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16 Oct 09 08:54:35 am
Hi RaiderJake,

Are you going to push through selling toys this Christmas? I have not tried selling toys myself but surely, there are a lot of eBay sellers who are selling them already. Both the demand and supply are high but in my opinion, whether or not you will get a good profit from this would depend on what kind of toys you will be selling and if you can source them at a low price. Say, you want to focus on 'kids toys', you can then, find out what specific kids toys are in demand this year and if you can source them at really great prices so you can compete with other sellers. Based on the SaleHoo Christmas eBook, it's organic kids toys that are hot this year and they are great gift ideas.

There's another post in the forum by another member who's looking for what toys kids would be begging Santa for this Christmas and you'll find it here:

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Maybe other members who have experience selling toys can share some ideas.



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