HELP! I can't view my ebay listing

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30 Sep 07 01:43:27 pm
I listed two items on ebay. when i try to conduct a search to find my items they don't come up in the search. Help. Why can't i view them???? :( :?

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30 Sep 07 08:13:20 pm
Wait about 24 hrs for them to come up to the search engine. It always happen to me but for some reason, after i list items, in about 2 or 3 hrs, i have bids and watcher but still i can't see my listings when i search it. You just have to wait. Sooner or later it will show up =)

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30 Sep 07 09:40:16 pm
You just have to wait. Strangely it never happens for mine....

I can always search less than 5 hours after and find it again. This can only be because of the keywords I use in the title, going by the precise techniques I learned to duplicate.

The keywords must be key....for anything. If they are the right keywords, you can find it right away. The wrong keywords, it will never be seen.

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1 Oct 07 09:55:24 am
Yeah sometimes it comes up right away and sometimes it takes a while. Just be patient. Its there. You can also narrow your search to recently listed items.

Check your hit counter. It works and most likely you will have several hits on it by now.

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13 Oct 07 08:22:45 am
I listed an item on a 3 day period, paid for the Feature PLUS option, getting it viewed and all that, 36 hours later, STILL NOT DISPLAYED< contacted my Powerseller support and within 10 minutes it was displayed - if I hadnt have complained I would have been billed and the item not displayed


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