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8 Dec 09 12:59:10 pm
Hi, i recently sold a size 12 alannah hill corset top for $20 on ebay. I bought this top for approx $179 a couple of years ago & have never worn it so I decided to sell it.

Buyer bought top - I sent top to buyer with some extra free stockings & hairclips I had lying around - as at the moment I am having a major declutter. (& always try to be nice)

Then today I get an email from the buyer saying the boning of the corset digs into her when she wears the top because the seams are worn.

1. I know for a fact that the seams are not worn because that top has come from my wardrobe UNWORN EVER

2. I had a look at the buyer's history and recently she has been selling size 12 & 14 alannah hill clothes on ebay, because & I quote

'24/10/09 size 14 alannah hill cardi - 'Unfortunately is a tad too small now (added lots of weight :0( )'

24/10/09 size 12 doll parts alannah hill top 'Was one of my faves but alas it's all about the weight! :0( This top doesn't allow for much change in that department, it is a true size 12. It does have slight stretch but not enough for comfort if like me you begin to REALLY enjoy those lunches with the girls!! ;0)'

Now, if size 12 & size 14 alannah hill clothes do not fit her because she has put on weight - why did she buy a size 12 top from me?

My theory is that the boning is digging into her because it is too small for her & not because there is anything wrong with the top.

But what should I reply to her? - I obviously can't say 'it's your fault you're too fat' even saying 'I note that you have recently been selling size 12 & 14 alannah hill clothes because they are too small for you' is likely to be inflammatory.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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8 Dec 09 01:15:07 pm
Did you have measurements for the item as to what size dimesions it would fit.

One side you can be nice & take the return, then block her from future auctions/purchases.

two. You can ask her what size she normally is & try to work out why in her mind she would purchase something that was too small for her.

With my Auctions/Purchases i always try to put measurements in, with 'All Sales Are Final'. No Returns Due to Sizing.

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9 Dec 09 12:37:53 am
I would tell her to send back everything the way it came and you will refund her money minus the shipping when you receive your item back and check out of course. But write everything in a very nice manner. Be the only way. Nice and simple. Then resell it again.

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9 Dec 09 05:18:35 am
Could be the famous switch out. If you know the item was in perfect condition and what she says does not exist then she may be trying to switch out one of hers
for yours and then send you back hers.

If it were me I would ask for a picture. I did this once and got back a pic of something I didn't sell them and then got a pick of the right one after I told them.
Something fishy there.

Check their FB history but check the FB she left others. If she has left FB for others and then the seller writes back buyer complained about item then sent wrong one back or something similar.

Anyway, I tend to be little paranoid but its your call.


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