Help with starting out on eBay

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17 Oct 06 08:59:34 pm
Hey guys, im sorta new to all of this and need some recomendations. I want to start buying stuff to sell on ebay for a profit. at the moment i havent got enough money to start buying bulk orders like 10 PSP for over a grand so i want to start small also this will help me learn the ropes. got any recomendations for stuff that i can buy cheep and get a good profit on ebay with, would help alot cheers

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20 Oct 06 11:17:33 pm
You can tryout to Sale off some clothing stuff.

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21 Oct 06 04:42:08 pm
I would first start by selling some goodies around the house. I would than find smaller and cheaper products to sell. You might lose some money but it will build up your ebay ratings. Once your ratings are up you can start moving more expensive products quicker and easier. The process will also give you some time to save up the extra money for larger orders.


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