Hot products to sell - any suggestions?

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22 Aug 10 03:20:58 am
I just signed up with SaleHoo and really looking forward to selling on EBay. I am currently trying to sell some of my items from around the house but I want to get serious about making some real sales and developing a product line. I enjoy most outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, hiking, geocaching and photography). Does anyone have any ideas on what might some good products to research and where to find a good dropshipper / wholeseller?

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22 Aug 10 09:41:24 pm
Hi KaPowSales,

Welcome to SaleHoo!

I was so excited to read your post; you're doing precisely what we recommend our members to do by selling a few things around the home, and building up to developing a product line!

Thinking about incorporating your hobbies into your eBay business is also a great idea.

In terms of a few products to research that are related to you interests, I've read good things about these:

Life jackets and vests, archery bows and arrows, rock climbing helmets and shoes, vintage fishing lures, and roof racks.

Photography is also a good niche to get into, but there is a lot of competition, so there are a few items that you should steer clear of due to over saturation of the market, such as:

Photo tents and cubes, telescopes and binoculars. You will also find that most consumer grade cameras are difficult to sell as many sellers are already doing this, and will be hard to compete with.



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23 Sep 10 11:56:49 pm
Hi KaPowSales,

Alice has given you some good advice, I just want to add that if you do a quick browse in the forum and our blog as well, you may find a few other ideas on what to sell.

Post back when you're ready to research suppliers, we'll be happy to help you out.

All the best!


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