How can I accept payments through Major Credit Cards?

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23 Jul 09 05:01:34 am
I'm currently using PayPal as my payment system. I'm just wondering how I can accept payments from major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa)


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23 Jul 09 05:14:05 am
If you're talking about ebay in the states, they offer paymate as a payment option and they accept the cards you have mentioned.

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23 Jul 09 05:51:40 am
Hi goodsguaranteed,

If this is for an eBay store, please click on the ff link to view the payment options that you have (PayPal, Paymate, Propay, Moneybookers, Credit card through an Internet Merchant Account and Payment upon checkout), how they work and other FAQs:

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You may click on this link to set up your buyer payment preferences:

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This page lists the steps to register and link your eBay account to the payment options selected (e.g. Propay, Payment), change buyer preferences and set up Payflow Payment Gateway to accept CCs and DCs through an internet merchant account. The instructions are pretty straight-forward.

Note though that the payment options listed can also be used on your own website, not just eBay but the links above provide steps specifically for your eBay account. For more info on setting payment options up on your own website, you may go to: Link hidden: Login to view

Hope that helps! :)


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