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How do I post a video of a product I'm listing on eBay?

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19 Mar 10 07:49:58 pm
Can anyone tell me how I can post a video of a product im listing on eBay?

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21 Mar 10 11:32:25 pm
Hi ruben382,

Welcome to SaleHoo!

The power of visual impact in consumers’ purchasing decisions should not be underestimated! A video review of the product you are selling will be a big help encouraging people to buy.

Before you upload a video however, it would be best to keep in mind Ebay’s requirements for adding videos to your listing, as they are pretty strict on what is and isn’t allowed. You may view the full information here –Link hidden: Login to view

This page Link hidden: Login to view has instructions for uploading a video to your listing, which I’ve copied and pasted below:

1.Upload your video to one of eBay’s approved video hosting sites. For list of approved sites, see Links Policy for embedded video links.

2. After upload is complete and your video is available on the site, follow the site’s instructions for embedding video.

3. Copy the HTML code to your system clipboard using either the site’s Copy button, if one is provided, or your browser’s standard Edit-Copy menu command.

To add your video to your item description:
1. Go to the Sell Your Item form on eBay.
2. In the Description section, click the "HTML" line to select the tab for entering HTML
3. Using your browser’s standard Edit-Paste menu command, paste the HTML code for your video into the item description. You can also type your regular description text on the HTML tab, or can click the “Standard” link to go back and do that in the standard text editor tab.
4. Click the "Preview" link to check if the video is embedded correctly.

To help you maximize your efforts, you can increase your marketing clout by including a link to your website in the video you create (if you have one). Here is a useful site - Link hidden: Login to view

Best of luck and look forward to hearing how your sales go!

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22 Mar 10 01:14:12 am
Good advice from Irene, and as it's Irene's first day with our support team, I would like to welcome her to the forum on behalf of all our members.

: )

Only thing about the tip of hiding any links in a video, it's actually something ebay frowns upon these days as they consider it a violation of their fee circumvention policy.

Of course it would be brilliant of they would allow it, and I've seen a couple hid a sneaky link or two in a listing, but if you get caught, then you will get pulled up for it.

You can post two off site links on ebay legally, they are both on the "me page" for anyone interested.

Mark (fudjj)

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22 Mar 10 02:08:03 am
Thanks for that Marc. :)


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