How do I start my online eBay business?

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17 Jul 18 09:35:07 pm
I listed artificial jewellery but not getting any response yet. I need to know what product I need to sell on Ebay? Is artificial jewellery is my right choice. I am very confused plz guide me thanks.

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18 Jul 18 11:03:39 pm
Hi Anshad and welcome to the forum,

There is a popular belief that there is a buyer for everything and, well, I agree to an extent. However, there are lots of boxes you need to tick to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of finding those buyers.

It's not as simple as just dropping something on eBay sitting back and waiting for the buyers to turn up. You need to ensure you have done your research to make sure you are positioned well in the market, meaning you are competitively priced and competitive across the board on things like your service, warranty and so on.

That's the most basic stuff you need to take care of because when people are shopping on eBay, it's as easy as a click of the mouse to leave your item and go to a competitors listing.

Then you've got to ensure you have good copy to entice the customer, it must be informative, without being drawn out and boring. You have to engage with the customer and customers love pics, so good pics and plenty of them is something I would consider a high priority in your chosen market in particular.

Things like ensuring you have quick shipping times, good meta tags and be actively using resources like Social Media to drive your own traffic, rather than sitting back waiting for eBay to do the work for you.

It all boils down to be engaged with your market. The more actively engaged you are with your market, the more benefit you can drive for yourself.

Drop a link to your listing, I'll check it out for you and see if I can make some suggestions based on what you currently have.


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15 Apr 19 08:25:25 am
Hi Anshad ,

Maybe you need to scale and test products first, figure out what customers like, it needs time and money to test products.

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17 Apr 19 06:21:22 am
costwaycom-inc wrote:Hi Anshad ,

Maybe you need to scale and test products first, figure out what customers like, it needs time and money to test products.

I agree with you on this, Flore. Product testing may be needed to predict current market acceptability.


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