How do you make money selling online?

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3 Jul 11 01:48:24 pm
Hi Guys.

This is only one example.

I found SANDISK® 4GB CLASS 2 SDHC MEMORY CARD from one our our suppliers for $8.88(USD). This looks like a good deal considering I found it at Walmart for $14.00(USD). Then I checked online.

Ebay has one for $7.99(USD).
Amazon has one for$6.99.
Google shopping turned some up for $2.00.

I do not have the budget for buying things in huge bulk lots.

How do you compete?

I know. Find something no one else is selling. Good luck with that one.

EVERYTHING I have sought to source from online or our suppliers, I have found cheaper elsewhere.

How do you compete?

I am so frustrated, I feel like just working a second job. At least I'll know there is some kind of money for me at the end of the week.

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3 Jul 11 06:19:41 pm
im about at the same point. i havent even tried looking for anything to sell for a long time. back on here like an idiot trying to find something lol

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4 Jul 11 04:33:09 am
Not to be flippant, but how does Wal-Mart do it, if it's so easy to find them for half price?

The $2 seller on Google Shopping sells them bulk ie. unwrapped, loose cards, and charges $6 shipping for an item that can be mailed in an envelope with a first class stamp.

The first three sub-$10 vendors I found on Amazon have terrible feedback about unworking cards, slow/no service, mixed up orders etc.

Value is a relative proposition. You don't have to sell something no one else is selling -- as you said, good luck finding it before Target/Wal-Mart/etc. do and get it on their shelves. You just have to Link hidden: Login to view.

Of course, coming up with a unique selling proposition for something as basic as a memory card may be kind of hard, but that applies to almost anything you can think of. I have a friend who sells phones and accessories at break even and occasionally loss prices, because he makes all of his money on the e-mail list he's built out of customers. So his operation is known for super-cheap retail phones and accessories, but he's bleeding money every time he ships a phone. His approach to selling phones is that it's a relatively cheap way to get qualified leads for his list.

You could sell the cards with a mail-in rebate, and laugh all the way to the bank on the idiots who don't send in the form. Consumer/retail incentive company Parago released a study a few years ago that showed that for some electronics items, rebate redemption rates were sub-10% -- and that the cheaper an item is, the less likely customers are to bother with sending it in.

Just saying that there's more than one way to skin a cat, and that price is not king in all cases.


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