How do you make money selling online?

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13 Sep 09 01:01:33 pm
Hello Salehoo.
It is a mystery to me how do you make money selling online. For an example from my own sales, I sell (or at least I try to sell) clothing on Bonanzle. Some came from TJ Maxx, some from a local liquidator ( new with tags on) and used from a local Goodwill store all in excellent condition.

For example I'll use one Arrow Shirt. I paid 5 USD for it. 5 x 33% markup comes to 6.75 USD. Plus shipping USPS about 4-5 USD. That's up to 11.75 USD. Plus I have to take income taxes out of the profit wiping it away.

In the end I break even. Too many times I have lost money. Also I do not have thousands of dollars to purchase a pallet or more of liquidated stock. Plus I do not have the room to store so much stock.

What am I doing wrong? Why can't I make money? I don't mind selling used clothes as long as they are in good condition.

It is just so frustrating it makes me want to quit the whole thing and just stay at my job (job stands for Just Over Broke) until I retire in 2025.


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14 Sep 09 01:17:46 am
Hi beachdisney,

Don't quit! - would be my best advise to you! :)

Try selling other stuff. Keep in mind the things that people will use more on a daily basis or items that are considered essentials. Here are some products we have found to have good profit margins:
- Clothing
- Skin care (e.g. anti-ageing & acne treatment)
- Vacation-related items (swimsuits, crocs, sunblock)
- Homewares (towels, sheets)
- Accessories for electronics
- Crafts & hobby items
- Sporting goods
- Computers & computer parts
- Auto & motorbike
- Unique items/collectibles
If you are running on a limited budget (like most of us). One of the best ways of doing this is just by selling some stuff from around the house that you no longer need any more. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked! Plus you don't have any out of pocket for these items.

Also, here are some general tips for getting more sales:

1. Work on your product photos. Good pictures convert to more sales. And statistics show that the more pictures you have, the higher the selling price. If you are selling clothing, consider getting a mannequin. For other items, purchase a photo tent. This is an easy way to get a clean, professional background for your photos. Buyers will always choose a professional picture over an amateur one.
2. Make sure your item description provides LOTS of detail. Buyers like to learn as much as possible about the item before they buy. Lengthy product descriptions to ensure the buyer isn't left with questions that might prevent them from bidding.
3. If you have items on eBay, try work on your feedback if it isn't that great. eBay buries sellers with low feedback ratings in the search listings, so less people are going to see your items for sale. The best way to get your feedback up fast? List as many items as you can and consider having a sale (either reducing the item price or offering free shipping). Even if you lose a bit of money now, you'll reap the benefits in the long term when your feedback is higher and your listings more visible.
4. Try offering faster shipping. Ship the DAY payment is received if possible. Buyers have high expectations and getting their item delivered in record time leaves a great impression.

These tips may sound simple, but we see SO many people neglecting these things in their listings, it's just not funny. Nothing turns a buyer off like a grainy, dark photograph or a single-sentence product description.

Hope this helps. Cheers :)


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