How should I get started with Ebay and Salehoo?

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24 Jul 07 02:08:44 am
I'm not really sure how to use these threads, or even if I'm doing this right, but I just joined Salehoo a few weeks ago, and I am BEYOND confused. I don't understand how to buy the products and how to find things cheap from companies, every time I look for any items everything I find is SO expensive. I don't understand how to find a deal!

Can someone please help me, because I have no idea how to get started on this thing. I'm good with Ebay I sell stuff around the house, but I'm trying to take the next step.

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24 Jul 07 05:17:52 am
Well you're on the right track - selling stuff from around the house is a great way to go.

As to using Salehoo, here's a quick 'how-to' :)

1. First - are you searching for particular products that you wish to sell or just generally? If the latter, then I advise doing some product research first using eBay's info and completed listings search. This will also give you an idea of the average selling price on eBay so you know what price you need to get wholesale.

2. Search the Salehoo database for that product name or brand.

3. Now comes the time-consuming bit: You really need to thoroughly check out the websites of all the suppliers who you think could be possibilities (e.g. they ship to your country, do/don't require a tax ID etc).

4. If you like their product, then you need to use the email address and/or phone number in the supplier information area to contact the supplier and talk to them in person. What many people don't realize is that you can often negotiate a more advantageous price than what is listed on the website when you speak to the supplier in person.

A lot of items do require bulk purchases in order to become profitable - particularly consumer electronics and brand name goods.

What we suggest is that you search for a niche market (there is lots of information on how to do this in the learning centre and on this forum) instead. The margins are way better for niche products than really popular products. For example, I used to buy wedding cake toppers for $1-$2 each in wholesale lots and resell them for $20-$30 each. Compare this with ipods etc where profits are only $10-$15 on a much bigger outlay!

It takes a while to find these niches and you've also got to look at ways of protecting yourself from competing sellers who might also stunble across them one day.

What have you been selling from around the house that worked well? This is a fantastic way of coming across things you might otherwise never think of.

Buy small wholesale lots at first and experiment. Take your time - it does take a while to really build up your business and become a slick, profitable operation :). But don't worry, everything you try is valuable experience and you'll learn heaps.

If you need any further help contacting suppliers from the directory etc, don't hesitate to post more questions on the forum or PM us.

The user reviews are very helpful for seeing what suppliers are really good to deal with.


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24 Jul 07 02:37:27 pm
Thank you so much for your help, I'm going to look into the niche markets etc. Lately I've been selling mostly book and cloths. Also some other smaller items around the house, things we never opened that were brand new, i.e. can opener's, steam vacuums, etc.

If any one else had more information, please post. So far you have helped me out a lot, THANKYOU. I did not realize you had to contact them through email.

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21 Oct 07 07:54:57 am
I feel your pain. I just loined as well. I think the new terminology is the biggest hurdle and what I will end up paying for postage. The items seem quite cheap , until you get the postage bill and your back to square one.Some sites dont even offer postage amount until you have paid for the order, only to find you get a huge postage bill at the end. I will be staying away from those, they dodgy , straigt away. Good Luck to you,,,, I HOPE WE BECOMe RICH :)


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