How to create ebay template - Free?

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3 Apr 14 09:12:40 pm
Hello everyone,

To the people selling on ebay, how do I create an attractive ebay template for free?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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6 Apr 14 07:27:01 pm
Doing it for free is easy if you have access to the right sort of graphics software, such as Corel or other, and you know the basics of how to use it. If you don't, then you're really limited to using one of the many free templates you can find online. Of course you don't need a program as expensive as Corel to do your own, probably a few free options around that will give you the basics, from there it comes down to your creative design flare as to the final look.

Mark (fudjj)

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7 Apr 14 07:36:46 am
Thanks Marc, for your response...:)

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7 Apr 14 03:33:44 pm
Any CSS/HTML template can be used as an eBay template, if it either does not have images, or you have somewhere to host the images yourself. Many of the best eBay listings out there are just using really nicely-structured HTML templates, and there are scads of them out there for free.


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