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7 May 08 01:28:37 am

I currently opened a small card store on ebay and I have to list about 1,000 cards which Im finding out its a pain Turbo Lister doesnt work it messes up in the description and Categories so I canceled it.

Is there any program or any tips you can give me to list faster I listed about 100 items in 3 days which is not many items if you think about it but I only had about 3 hours per day so please just give me any tips or info to help me get moving faster thanks members

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7 May 08 03:10:30 am
I dont know of any ways of increasing that speed. It was taking me 3 days to list 100 items when I was mainly selling on ebay

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7 May 08 01:50:36 pm
Try using AUCTIVA. You can create similar listing as the one before. It will save you alot of time by just editing the titles while you can remain the same information such as shipping and payment method or maybe descriptions the same. Besides that, you can create your own profile for each kind of item. So when you want to list the item you can just load up the profile of the item. Its how a newspaper company does their printing.

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8 May 08 08:45:26 pm
Wouldnt it make sense to make you listings as a graphics file using Photoshop? This way you could use the same bordering/design/style as consistent as possible with your store, as well as allow you to make constant changes to the layout. By setting up a 'standard format' for you listings I think it would be pretty easy to plug the information into the respective areas.

Then you would simply load the listing as a jpg (which you should be able to import to any listing) and you could include your additional images of the product below.

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10 May 08 08:29:09 am
I don't like the idea of the turbo listers and here's why.

It has a good concept, but it also seems to be a way for people to get into massive credit card debt.

If you are using all of those tools and listing hundreds of items, if 70% of those don't sell or nobody buys them, what have you really achieved I mean?

I suppose its good for some people. I just don't use tools that take away from the unique opportunity to customize. I always do my products one at a time. If I'm selling 3 or 4 things at once, I make adjustments so that all of them sell. By using someone's AUCTIVA lister it takes away from my ability to be artful, to add personal touch to everything in my store.

Its too generalized and mundane for me. But then again some people make much profit out of it. When it comes to my store though, I only spend on the neccessities and that includes above all avenues to receive greater extra traffic.

Well it is true what they say traffic does equal sales.

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12 May 08 10:22:22 pm
As mentioned above, you could use a free auction listing tool such as Auctiva ( ). You can set up your listings to launch at a particular time thus saving on eBay costs, also you can host your pictures there and save on the eBay photo hosting. With Auctiva you can customise your template and save all the frequently used details so you only have to change a couple of things on each listing before you launch it. You can also use a different template for different categories of your items. It's a good idea to take all your photographs fist and upload them to Auctiva in different folders for each category of item you are selling, so that each time you create a new listing the pictures are already there and ready to include in your listing. You should be able to list many more than 100 items in three days with Auctiva. I suggest you make a couple of test listings with Auctiva to be satisfied that you get the look and feel you want before you actually launch them. Good luck with your new business!

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17 May 08 01:47:23 pm is only $9.95 per month, we have been using it for over 4 years, it is a great tool.

not sure what it offers over the free auctiva mentioned above, but this tool can make life much easier for those who have many ebay listings. saves you money too with free scheduling and picture hosting!


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20 May 08 03:20:28 pm
i like seller source book but that wont ness speed it up. if you really have a larger business with a lot of profit you generate you could use channeladvisor but this isnt for a small seller. they merge everything pictures, listing templates, checkout. usually this is good for higher level power sellers

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20 May 08 07:21:36 pm
You can do a hundred per day especially in the beginning as you dont have shipping to worry about.

Go to Auctiva and set up your listing template. All the parts of the listing you dont need to change. Make as much of the description standard for every listing as possible.

Then take pictures a hundred at a time and upload to your image folder on Auctiva.

Make sure you click save after each listing as it processes faster than if you upload to eBay each time.

After you reach 50 listings load them to eBay. Then do another 50.

If you do it right you will be clicking on sell a similar item and just adding a picture and mini description because you have made a description template and only have to add a 1 or 2 line description.

Also, by clicking save you will be saving each one just in case your listings get bumped off the servers for some reason.


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