How to get traffic to my online store

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20 Apr 08 03:11:49 am
Hi there,

I have my website selling hair care and hair loss product. My store is like a ghost store because there is no one come visit my store. There is no traffic at all. I think people don't even know that my store exists. I don't know what I am gonna do to get traffice to my website. Is it a good idea to buy a targeted traffic ?

Does anyone have any idea to drive traffic to my website, Please let me know.
Right now I'm thinking too much and have much stress about this, my hair start falling over. I think I have to use a product for myself now. Please help.


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20 Apr 08 03:28:13 am
with all the hype going around with ebay's new rules, i think it's put a damper on a lot of buyers actually looking to buy.

p.s. my website resembles a ghost town. and the same for my store.

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20 Apr 08 04:18:03 am
Generating traffic to your website is not easy. Your best way to advertise is by word of mouth and listing your website on as many forums and blogs as you can. Also buying targeted traffic can help your store by as much as 20% to 40% its just based on how many visitors you get.

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3 May 08 12:17:40 am
I can't tell you the secret as it would violate the policy of myself and my close confidants.

I can tell you that generating massive, viral amounts of targeted traffic is very easy and to keep it going is very easy.

But its not for everyone as that would eat into people's profits. My store has over 20,900 visitors to date and growing. What I learned might as well be free information. Unfortunately it does not work the exact same way as usual, and I do now use a domain name and everything else to have it continue to work.

Basically what goes on is I bring the traffic to me on auto-pilot right through my store, it filters direct to eBay, to Craiglist, to Amazon and to everyone automatically. Then I just leave it on auto-pilot, and maximize the traffic until I can't anymore.

Then right onto the next one, the flow of business & life is easy but it doesn't come smoothly.

(PS: This allowed me to sell in the UK{which, is healthier than the USA} and to nearly sell a $200 phone on the very first try, with 5 watchers all watching. That's unheard of. But it took a massive amount of buildup and even then, you have to do the sale yourself.)


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