How to get traffic to your eBay listings

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25 Apr 17 05:47:59 pm
Hello all. I have just recently started drop shipping on eBay. I have a few items from one company and am going to add their other things later and then hopefully find other suppliers that I could do this with later. Well right now I only have a few views on those listings and half of them are probably from me. So my question is: What else can I do to get people to see what I have to sell on eBay? Or is there not much I can do other than wait and play the numbers game by adding the bigger quantity the better.

Thanks for any advice!

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25 Apr 17 09:08:32 pm
Hi Nate,

Couple of links here I think will benefit you in regards to the layout of your listing to start with.

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Now it's important you do everything you can in regards to your listing platform itself, but depending on the type of products you are selling, other free marketing opportunities may also be available.for you to take advantage of. For example, if you are selling old records, then look for forum communities that are full of members that are always on the hunt.

It may not be as easy as just listing your items there due to forum posting rules, but you can be smart and do a little marketing by stealth. You don't put your hand up an say "hey, this is what I have for sale" You take the approach of saying, "hey, I saw this for sale on eBay"

Dropping in a link (if allowed) will usually be enough to get a conversation started and draw traffic. That type of word spreads throughout other online communities between members that all know each other.

When I worked in marketing, we had a philosophy that a single business card could be seen by up to 10 different people. That's because people talk, they share and smart marketing is all about taking advantage of that chain, it's never just about that single customer you gave the card to.

You've got Social Media marketing open to you. This is a key area of marketing today and really needs to be explored and exploited to any sellers benefit to give yourself the maximum use of a great tool. If you aren't confident in this area, my strongest suggestion is that you take on a Social Media Manager to run your account/s

Yes, that does cost, but if you get a good one, they can make that investment a drop in the bucket for you because they can bring traffic by the truck load. What they can't do is make that traffic buy, that's your job, so if you are going to use a Social Media marketing strategy such as I suggest, it's important it works from both ends or all that traffic is a waste of time and money.

Ultimately, you can do everything possible to get traffic, but it comes down to a simple question. Is there a good market for your product?

If you are trying to sell cotton to cotton farmers, then the chances are no matter how much you spend or what techniques you use to market your cotton, you're never going to generate a lot of traffic!

So understand your market, create listings that inspire sales, get involved in some smart marketing. Tick those three boxes and that still doesn't guarantee you sales, but it puts you right in the middle of the game where you at least have a shot of scoring.


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