How to get your webshop indexed fast

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28 Jun 07 09:43:44 pm
Hi all,

I'm just joined to Salehoo. We have a bit of problem right now, how to get our webstore Link hidden: Login to view fastly indexed on all major search engines?

I'm a webmaster and have used automated submitting but most of search engines have delay from 2 weeks to 2 months before they visit the site.

Some sort of link building is a must i guess so that search engines can found the webshop by themselves.

What are the best linklists I should join or buy linkbuilding?
Any proposals?
Thanks in Advance!

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28 Jun 07 10:19:10 pm
Hi viperz70,

I've found this site Link hidden: Login to view extremely useful.

I've also heard that Directory Submitter Link hidden: Login to view is a great tool. It submits your site in a couple of steps to all directorys, giving you valuable incoming links.


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31 Jul 07 03:37:22 pm
Try Link hidden: Login to view
Also try Link hidden: Login to view , once you're listed there, your site will be picked up by all the major search engines.
I've actually got my eBay store indexed.

Link hidden: Login to view

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31 Jul 07 05:46:45 pm
Keep in mind that search engines do not work like they did 3 or 4 years ago.

Getting your site picked up and indexed will not do you any good if the spyders don't think your site is of much importance. Getting a good 'rank' is vital.

If you don't get a good ranking your site may be listed on page 25,000 and no one will ever browse through that many pages when searching through the listings...Your goal should be to try and get some where on the first 10 or so pages...Most pages will have about 20 listings on them, a good rank would be, lets say 'page 2, listing #5',,

Spyders will rank your site by 3 key factors. Content, Relevence, and linkage...

Content will be determined by the amount of keywords and the way in which they are used within the site...Years back, spyders mainly looked for keywords and the more you had the better. People clogged the site pages with keywords and using meta-tags and you could gain a good ranking by just adding a page full of keywords relative to the type of product or site that you were promoting....

If you attempt to do that now days, the opposite will happen. The spyders will consider that to be a type of spamming and give the site a very bad ranking..

Keywords seem to work best in groups of 2-3 words..Also very important is good content pages in which you place the keywords. They have to be relevent to the site product or type. You must have keyword rich content pages for the spyders to consider the site being of good relevance...

Lastly and even more important that the above, is 'linkage'. If you have good linkage to your site, the spyders will consider the site to be of much importance and give it a high ranking..

Keep in mind that you do not have to link to other 'like sites' as most gurus will tell you.
As a matter of fact, I would advise against it.
The last thing you want to do is spend alot of time and effort in getting traffic to your site only to have someone click on a link to another 'like site' and make a purchase from them!
Spyders determine linkage by the number and the quality of the links, so that is what you need to be concerned with...

Just a couple of more things..

Try to add your content pages in relevance to you product. Such as describing your product and it's benefits, features, etc..Don't just try to put in a bunch of babble with a few keywords, to try to manipulate the spyders, search engines have become much more sophiscated today for that to work.....If you're not good at writing your own content pages, the use a tool, such as 'instant article wizard' or something like that. Those types of software are fast and you can easily build good content pages in minutes. Plus, since 'article wizards' search the web for the keywords and subject matter that you enter into the search box, these words and sentences will already have been noticed by the spyders since they are comming from subject matter that has been ranked and indexed on the web..this will help add relevence to you content page...

Last, but not Least. Don't pay a bunch of money to anyone claiming to 'submit your site to hundreds of search engines'. There are only about 3. That's it. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the main 3. There are a couple of more, but they are not really that important..

Of course there are untold number of search engines available on the web,,However, they all mainly 'rent' information from the big 3. Anytime that you type something into search in another engine, it simply goes and gets it from one of the major engines...

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1 Aug 07 12:00:14 pm
If you are looking to get in the top results for search you need to optimize your site for certain keywords that you want to appear in the top of Google/Yahoo for.

Don't pick highly competitive keywords, just make sure that you do your research and then optimize the site for those uncompetitive keywords and you will have no problem getting to the top.

SEO is not as difficult as it sounds.

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3 Aug 07 05:32:37 am
Argh! Don't submit your site or use a submission service. In the long run it may lower your ranking. The search engines like to 'find' new sites naturally. It's like the difference between getting a recommendation on a contractor from a neighbor vs. a flyer in your mailbox. Which one would you consider better?

Fast indexing ideas (any of these should work). The basic concept behind all of these is that the search engines spiders will follow links to your site and discover it.

1. Blog and ping
2. Get some links from well ranking sites
3. Web 2.0 - setup a Squidoo lens, Del.ic.ious links, etc.
4. Submit to directories (definately dmoz, but you may never get in there)

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6 Aug 07 04:36:31 am
I have a website that I need to get ranked as high as possible in my state only. What is the best & quickest way to do this exactly? Can you explain what you mean by:
1. Blog and ping
2. Get some links from well ranking sites
3. Web 2.0 - setup a Squidoo lens, Del.ic.ious links, etc.
4. Submit to directories (definately dmoz, but you may never get in there)

Your advise is much appreciated!

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6 Aug 07 07:07:54 am
I use 2 of the 20 tools included and my stats went from 200 visitors to 575 per day! Check it out Link hidden: Login to view

If you want targeted traffic fast, check this out too - no SEO, it tells you how to get listed on Googles 1st page without paying a dime! Also how to get 1,000's of targeted visitors totally free. Link hidden: Login to view

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6 Aug 07 07:52:24 pm
Article writing in sites like ezinearticles, goarticles, etc. will get your site indexed fast if you have a link in the resource section of your article.


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