How to lower eBay and PayPal fees?

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27 Sep 13 04:05:26 pm
I am new in this business and I want to know if there is any solution to reduce the item fees by upgrading to other level, front store or ..etc in Ebay, because i sold 4 item but i spend all of my profit on Ebay,Paypel fees and exchange of currency ! which is really painful although i spend a lot of time and my effort too but didn't earn any penny so i am kindly requesting you to guide me in this way i will be appreciated .

From Australia

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29 Sep 13 12:20:27 am
I think all sellers on eBay should come together and demand a reduction in eBay and Paypal fees. I ran un into the same situation where I spent all my profit on eBay and Paypal fees. I still don't understand how sellers are not speaking up about this fee issue.

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29 Sep 13 04:50:16 am
We are paying 9.9 % of each item we sell to Ebay its really not appropriate way that they are cutting that much,
Paypal cutting 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and if any one notice that we are losing 0.50 on exchange rate too when our currency getting change to $ so to calculate these all nothing will left for us.

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30 Sep 13 06:04:35 am
Hello ANS,

Upgrading to an eBay store will significantly lower your listing fees, but selling 4 items does not really translate that you are ready for one.

Ideally it's best for seller to accumulate solid feedback, sell for at least 3-6 months and have a consistent number of sales before actually opening their own store.

There are many guides such as this Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps!


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2 Oct 13 11:48:24 pm
When you have the traffic volume that eBay has, you can pretty much make your own rules without concern, despite what people say. And of course, traffic flow such as eBay has brings sellers, sellers bring traffic and the cycle of e-commerce just keeps going round and around. No one actually enjoys seeing so much of their margin disappear into eBay's pockets, but that's life.

There are plenty of other online platforms that are far more cost effective to market through, but hardly anything that provides the traffic flow of an eBay and traffic flow equals the opportunity of sales flow, what anyone online seller needs to be successful ultimately.

Mark (fudjj)

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