How to make money buying shelf pulls and salvage items?

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3 Feb 10 05:55:09 pm
Hello. I am new to SaleHoo. I'm doing some digging around and I am actually kind of discouraged. There really isn't any real profit margin to sell anything on eBay that you can find from some of these wholesalers. I thought cell phones, computers, computer parts and accessories, and consumer electronics would be a good place for me to start since I am in IT for my 9-5 job.

In coming across I wonder to myself, how does anyone know they can make money buying Shelf Pulls and Salvaged items when their condition is not guaranteed. Am I missing something? What if you just get a box of garbage.

Say I buy a lot of 10 Wii systems. All of which are salvaged. How much can I realistically expect to get for these? However, when I look at the bids, shelf pulls and salvage always have the most action. Can someone explain this to me?

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3 Feb 10 06:27:33 pm
Your treading in dangerous waters fixmy. I say this to possibly save you from losing money. Salvage pulls are the worse items to bid on at liquid. Basically, the seller can send you anything. They can send you WIIs with all the hard drives pulled out or some other missing component they needed to make whole WIIs and send you the crap.

Electronics and computers and or computer parts are some of the hardest items to source and sell on eBay.

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3 Feb 10 06:55:12 pm
That is kind of what I figured. I chose computers/electronics because that is what I am good at and have alot of knowledge about. I am kind of at a loss. I know the market is saturated but I thought if others were making money on it...why not me?

I have my resellers certificate from the state and I'm all ready to go but now I am just kind of back at square one.

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3 Feb 10 08:31:18 pm
Planes is quite correct in what you can expect from a salvage load, however liquidation covers many different kinds of conditions and Shelf Pulls shouldn't be confused as salvage loads.

A salvage load, as Planes said, is the worst of the worst It's the garbage end of the liquidation market. The next level up for the type of products you are searching for would be Customer Return loads, not always easy to find now as large reconditioning companies are contracting direct with large retail outlets, and locking down the market to a large extent.

Those with the experience in rebuilding these types of products are usually the ones that will buy salvage loads, at worst they get parts stock, at best they get enough to rebuild from the load, or from previous loads.

What tends to happen in a bidding situation like presents, a lot of inexperienced sellers join in without understanding what they are bidding on, and end up driving the lot past any sort of value for anyone.

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6 Feb 10 03:21:24 pm
Why no just buy and sell off of ebay- i have been doing it for going on 4 years now fulltime .. you have to spend a few hours a day searching but well worth it . .. you usually get all the wholesale items 50% off after the people dont get rich in a month .. this is all i do ..i dont need a distributor or wholesaler as long as ebay is around .

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8 Feb 10 04:14:18 am
I love buying from eBay and flipping for a profit. It's the cheapest and quickest way of making a bit of extra cash.

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer


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