How to price products on eBay?

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12 Aug 10 07:44:06 pm

I´m just wondering how much you can expect to earn per month selling on ebay? Let´s say I sell lingeri for 30 $ pr item. The dropshipper takes 14 $ pr sale, and ebay takes about 2$. How much can I expect to sell, and how many should I have on ebay?

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13 Aug 10 01:43:54 am
Hi entotre,

We can only gauge an earning expectation if the items sell. Pricing is ‘basically’ topping up expenses with the amount we want to reap, the profit. However lot of other ‘pricing’ factors come into play when listing them at eBay. If we look at the competition, we can see how much the item goes with the other sellers, at what trend it generally sells, and to have a good game, our pricing should be something competitive and not way out and above the pricing league. Also, we’ll end paying up fees without successfully selling items if we’re not cautious about pricing factors and eBay charges.

Assuming everything is in place, we can fairly assess our earning by the item’s selling performance at eBay. =) And this can be done only when we put them up on the site. How many to sell, can be determined by our finances and by the amount of time we can commit to handle inquiries and provide service.

Here is SaleHoo’s real useful guide about eBay selling - Link hidden: Login to view You will appreciate all the relevant information about eBay selling all compiled in one place for you. =)

Have a nice day!

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13 Aug 10 03:09:45 am
Hi entotre :)

When deciding on how much you should sell your item, remember to set the price as the minimum you are willing to sell for. This is the safest option with the least risk for you – you don’t lose, but neither do you win big.

Set the starting price to cover your costs. It might not turn out to be the best pricing tactic, but it is a safe way to start and you can tweak it from there.

Or you can start the bidding for your auction at $0.99. The 0.99 cent auction, or the $1NR as it used to be called, is a popular way of drawing attention to your listing. A 0.99 auction works a bit like a sale. Starting the bidding at the extremely low price of 99 cents can work well for catching people’s attention. It also has the advantage of having the lowest listing fee, so this option certainly won’t break the bank.

What you don’t want to do is compete on price alone – otherwise Wal-Mart will win every time. A low price is a great tactic to accompany a product in high demand with a unique selling point - but not on its own.

It is very important to stagger your listings if you are selling several of the same or similar items. If buyers can see 3 in a row when they search, you’ll find the value of your item will be immediately de-valued.

All the best!


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