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How to Refund Using Paymate?

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28 Jan 10 04:20:01 pm
Hey everyone,

I know some of you already use Paymate and just started using them a few weeks ago and was wondering how to refund a buyer if requested using Paymate? I know it was pretty easy to refund buyers using Paypal but can't seem to find any material on how to do this.

Thanks in advance!

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29 Jan 10 12:33:05 am

The only thing about refunds that I can find on the Paymate site is this:

'To refund a credit card payment to your buyer, please contact Link hidden: Login to view. Give full details of the original transaction and also advise the exact amount to refund.

Keep in mind that your buyer may have paid a Paymate buyer's fee and so you may wish to refund that also.'

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There are also a few comments on the Oztion Forums saying that Paymate refunds are a bit of a hassle because you have to contact the sales team to put them through, and you don't get your fees back.

Hope that helps :)


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31 Jan 10 07:57:00 pm
Yes you must contact support at Paymate
Give them the transaction info and askthem to refund
I have had to refund two clients due to lost packages and was no hassle
Refunds take 5 to 7 business days just like a credit card.

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31 Jan 10 08:31:39 pm
Hi Don,

Yep, everyone's covered this pretty well, but it isn't an automated process to refund as it is PayPal, completely different structure.

It's pretty much a straight up credit card transaction that is processed through a banking entity when using Paymate, so as Grace and Joe have said, you do have to go through customer support to refund, but it's painless.

They do provide a very solid customer service platform, at least to my experience anyway. : )

Mark (fudjj)

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5 Feb 10 05:49:39 am
A trick you might do is have a Paypal account. If your connected to the same bank that Paymate pays you then just offer the person a Paypal payment as a send money option, provided they have a Paypal account which many eBay buyers have.
Then simply send the person money from your Paypal account which would then take the money from the checking account Paymate pays you.

I haven't tried this yet but might be work around.

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