How to set prices for your items on ebay?

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8 Aug 10 12:24:15 am

I am selling few expensive item on ebay but I'm confused about how to set the price. All my items I want to sell for $1000 or more. Should I start my auction from $500 or less? Should I set "Buy it now" option? As in Ebay Australia reserve price is not allowed except on motor car or bikes. So please anyone can you help what is the best option to attract more buyers and more bidders.


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8 Aug 10 02:49:12 am
You will attract more bidders by setting your starting price low, however, then you run the risk of your item not reaching the price you are happy to sell for. Everybody on eBay is looking for items at bargain prices and therefore will bypass items which look like they are priced close to retail price and go for the lower starting prices hoping nobody will outbid them. The low starting price items work very well if they are unique, out of production, or collectible items but for items which are readily available, probably best to start at the lowest price at which you would be willing to sell the item and hope you attract more than one bidder.

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