How to start an online business - advice needed

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16 Oct 09 11:18:49 am
hey y'all I'm new here I've been selling on ebay for a little over a month now and saving up money so I can invest in some product to resale. I'm wondering what some good suppliers would be for me to start out with? and I was also wondering what kind of tax ID and licenses I need to get starting up a new online biz? thanks

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17 Oct 09 12:39:27 am
Hi dwjmoto,

Hope your doing well on eBay! :)

Good suppliers..there are plenty actually but that would depend greatly on the products you plan on selling. Kindly let us know what products you are interested in and we'll help you locate suitable suppliers.

I suggest you read our section on Business set-up in our Education tab. I'm not sure where you're currently located but you'll find pretty much most of the information you'll need there, here's the link:

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SALES TAX - The piece of paper that goes by many aliases! The sales tax Id is also called a Retail or Reseller's License, State Sales Tax Id, Tax Id, Resale Number, Resale Certificate, or Vendor's License.

And Just a brief run down on what a sales tax ID and Business license is ...

SALES TAX ID - All of these names are referring to one thing: A certificate issued for a small fee by your state (if you live in Canada or the US) that says you are registered to collect sales tax. You can usually get one from your State’s website – just Google ‘Your State + sales tax’.

So when do you need a seller's permit (Sales tax ID)?

* If you live in the USA or Canada. Most states have a sales tax, but there are a couple that don’t. If you reside in one of these states just let the wholesaler know and they may have a different form or requirement for you to complete.
* If you sell online to make money (i.e. You sell more seriously than just getting rid of a few old things from around the house every now and then). You need a seller’s permit so you can charge and collect taxes, which you’ll pay to your state government later.
* If you want to purchase goods wholesale from a US supplier (and you are also based in the US), you need a seller’s permit to buy wholesale sales tax free.

Although it’s not necessary for SaleHoo members to have a seller’s permit and a registered business for them to use many of the suppliers in our directory, we strongly recommend you get one as it will give you access to even MORE wholesalers.

What do you need to get a sales tax ID? Exactly what you need to get a sales tax ID varies by State. You may need:

* To be a business entity. This means you are a company or sole proprietor. Being a sole proprietor means you are working for yourself under your own name. If you are working for yourself (which is how most people get started selling online, just fill in your own name under your business trading name). Being a company means that you have registered a company under a trading name.

Find out more here: Link hidden: Login to view

* To have a Federal Tax ID number. Find out more here: Link hidden: Login to view

Where do I get my sales tax ID?

You can try Googling it – Most states have an online form on their website these days. Most states also charge a small fee. This varies from state to state, but it's usually around $50. If you can’t find any information online on how to get a seller permit, then just contact or visit your local County Clerk Office.

What if you live outside the US and the supplier asks for a sales tax ID? - Usually you just need to provide something equivalent in your country, for example your VAT registration in the EU or the UK, or your ABN or GST registration in Australia and New Zealand.

BUSINESS LICENSE - Occasionally you may run into suppliers who want to see a business license before they will sell to you. These suppliers will generally have large minimum orders and wish to determine that you are serious about purchasing their goods. Getting a business license is fairly straight forward. You need to contact your local court house or country clerk's office and they will direct you to the person you need to speak with. Some states will charge a fee for a business license application.

Hope this helps. Cheers ! :)


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17 Oct 09 06:10:40 am
thanks that dos help I don't got a bunch of questions running threw my head now like I did have

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19 Oct 09 01:15:58 am
Hi dwjmoto,

If you haven't yet, check out our bonus PDF guides. You'll find additional info on drop shipping and other sourcing methods, ideas on what to sell, market guides, finding then negotiating deals with suppliers, and more.

You'll find the download links by clicking on the URL below. Good luck!

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