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i need tips on promoting products on ebay

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23 Feb 07 03:38:16 pm
here i need some advice. ive been trying to sell on ebay but everytime i post something it doesnt get any bids so my questions are first here is one example of a product that i am trying to sell Link hidden: Login to view

can anyone tell me what i need to change on it in order to make it more appealing? or does anyone making money on ebay can you give me advice on how to make my page more appealing and how to make a product seem like its worth a million bucks?

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23 Feb 07 08:26:29 pm
Well your first problem is supply and demand. Right now especially in the USA. Demand for tents is low since we just got nailed with a large winter storm across most of the prime camping states.

If you notice there are many listings that are closing with 99 cent start bids that have no bids on them.

This is what I mean about following trends. You wouldnt try to sell a winter coat to someone in florida in april would you?

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23 Feb 07 08:47:00 pm

You are not doing anything wrong as far as your
listing. I've been on ebay since 1999 and in all this
time have not sold as many items that I thought
I would sell. Its cost me more to list than I've made.

Not to be negative, but ebay is so saurated that
getting any bids sometimes requires listing your items many
times. Also the item that your trying to sell is not in season
right now, so that could one reason.

I had as many as 20 to 30 items listed and each time I logged
into ebay to see if I got any bids, I was disapointed.
However if you have the money just keep listing eventually
you'll get some body looking for the item your selling.

Sorry,and I am sure this responce don't help you however I would
suggest U-bid, I'm having much more success
with U-bid.

PS: I am now using ebay to find products to buy rather than selling.

PPS: Jimmy, has posted some good tips, you might want to look at
them. They are on this fourm as a sticky

PPPS: Ebay is a numbers game, The more you list the greater
chance you'll sell your items.

J Baca
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24 Feb 07 08:57:19 pm
yeah thank you for hte info i tried ubid but they ddint take my application so i cant even do it and stuff so i guess imma use ebay and lol that makes sense wiht trying to sell a tent in the winter time but im definitely gonna take all this advice

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