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Identifying Trends

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4 Mar 07 02:07:08 pm
I was just wondering how other sellers indentify trends early enough to get in on the ride. I havent been able to figure out what they are or even see them comming. Others have, and made out great. Im gonna find my niche and stick to it...and see if that works. I wish everyone luck in what ever it is that they do. My motto is 'Be Good or Be Good at It'

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5 Mar 07 03:15:32 am
Well spring is about here as far as the weather is concerned.

Try to think about people. TV commercials, Ads , Newspaper clippings, And families in your area.

What are they doing?
What are they buying?
What are they wearing?
What are alot of teens driving? {EG what to they pimp thier rides with}
What are the teenage girls wearing?
What kind of clothes are Hot?
What kind of cellphones do you see people using the most?
What kind of activites happen in the spring?
Is there alot of Cookouts going on?

You have to look at the big picture. And the big picture is literally everywhere you go. You have to observe peoples buying habbits.

Dont be afraid to look in shopping carts when you goto your local store. You will notice that many people have similar shopping interests.

If you goto a hardware store in the Spring you will notice people getting ready to start gardening again. That tells you gardening equipment would be a good seller. Mowers, Lawn tools, Seeds, Plants, ECT ECT....

You goto the store and see teen girls buying jeans and boyshorts so they can look hot. Then you know that desiger teen fashions are in. Look in magazines too for this kind of info.

You see women buying sexy lingerie. Spring is a good breeding season lol . revealing Lingerie and sexy bathing suits will be in very soon.

You just have to look around. Everything changes with the seasons. That is how you find trends. Big companies Spend millions of dollars to pay for trendsetters to find out this same information. Use thier money to help you. Watch the clippings in your newspapers to see what the big boys have thrown up for sale.

Its all about research. You dont want to sell a winter coat in the middle of spring. Or a camping tent in the dead middle of winter right?

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