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Is anyone else having this much phishing, spoof, fake emails

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18 Feb 07 05:25:32 am
In the past couple weeks I have been getting about 3-6 fake emails a day. (all ebay and paypal) I forward them to Link hidden: Login to view and I have account guard, but I don't think ebay does anything about it. I was just woundering if anyone else is getting this many and if you know if ebay is doing anything about it. The emails seem to be ebay members' stolen usernames and emails. I am getting questions about items that they have listed and not me. So it's like sellers are asking me questions about their own items. Easy to spot at least. I don't think I have anything to worry about unless I give out my info but that won't happen. :evil:

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19 Feb 07 04:05:41 pm
Yes, Anytime I list anything I start getting the same type emails. I send to ebay but I don't think they are doing anything about them.


J Baca
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19 Feb 07 05:20:46 pm
I dont even pay attention to them . If you recieve an email from paypal just ignore them. The same with ebay.


Just login manually to your accounts if you think there is a problem.

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19 Feb 07 06:12:33 pm
Another tip is according to both EBAY AND PAYPAL they will address you by your COMPLET NAME not DEAR CUSTOMER,BUYER ,CLIENT ETC ....But the crooks are goos as i have gotten a couple that have my name but logged in seperately and there was nothing .

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20 Feb 07 02:14:23 am
Yes I get about 1-2 a day. They seem so real. Some are an item question, money I sent or recived, or something wrong with my account and need to verify it, etc.
First off both eBay and PayPal will never ask you for your login info. All eBay messages are in your 'My Messages' folder when you log in to eBay.
One quick check is to just put your cursor over the link they want you to click and see the address at the bottom of your browser. Always look at the very beginning of the URL. Anything after the dot com does not matter. Some of the really good ones will include ebay.com or paypal.com somewhere to the right of the dot com to fool you.
If you have any doubts always log into your account using a seperate browser window your normal way and check for problems.
I like showing some of the better ones to my friends just to show them what not to do.

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