Is It Better To Be A Wholesaler or a Drop Shipper?

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29 Sep 20 05:16:07 am
Whether you are an undecided drop shipper or reseller, an established drop shipper or an up and coming drop shipper, you are probably asking yourself which is better to be: a drop shipper or a wholesaler?

Well, first of all, I haven't got all the answers. Nevertheless, the truth is, technically, you can be both a wholesaler and a drop shipper so that title is a little misleading. But, perhaps, what that question is alluding to is this: can I make more money being just a product(s) wholesaler or a drop shipper of many products that I don't own?

Quite simply, the answer to that question is very complicated. You must have already read enough on the advantages of drop shipping and/or wholesaling, depending on your interests. So, I won't bother diving into that. However, I believe it is important to be grounded on the reality of why you would be asking that question. In both business roles, there is no magic formula and the trends ebb and flow and capital availability is perhaps the biggest determining factor for why an individual should become either of those two things. Hence, if you have enough capital and you can bear the costs of operating a decent wholesale business, you should. Arguably, most people operate on the margins, regardless, and would like to expand into owning the products because there are other perks with that too. But it is not so straightforward as to say that you would be better off being either a wholesaler or a drop shipper.

Thus, to finalize this very short piece, I can understand the need to find a simple formula to simple and difficult challenges like running a drop shipping or wholesale business. Nonetheless, as with most businesses, it is a process of trial and error predicated upon shifting and overcoming certain risks along the way. So, understand what you a capable of doing, find a good mentor that can offer some insights, and work on your craft.


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