Is it worth to have Ebay store?

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25 Jan 08 07:48:55 pm
I'm currently using dropshipper and have listed few products on my ebay store. But most of dropshipper products were sold in online auction rather. (not a big profit margin, but not bad for a newbie like me)

Ebay charges around $15/month. Yes, it is cheaper to list under your store, but haven't had any success. I have few thoughts going on..

Is it worth to have Ebay store
Should I list max items from dropshipper's website (
How can a newbie compete by listing competitive prices under mystore in oversaturated ebay market
What is the general % sucess that people would buy it out directly from your store?

Any advices, thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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26 Jan 08 08:27:18 am
If you can get yourself an account with a big company like Link hidden: Login to view which has over 30,000 products you could fare very well putting a few thousand of thier items in your store and running ten or 20 10 day auctions on ebay at a loss. This will generate a large flow of traffic to your store.

Bidders arent always looking for a deal. Alot will shop out of a store for convenience. I usually put items in my store at above retail prices and run a ton of auctions. I still get alot of store purchases.

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