Is selling replicas on eBay feasible?

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28 Aug 13 05:48:49 pm
hello, I'm looking for my niche, and looking on eBay, I find there are thousands of items that are replicas. There are replica phones, there are replicas of sports clothes .... is a saturated market, but tempting.
Is it legal?

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29 Aug 13 01:24:48 am
Hello Edu,

Replicas like counterfeits and fakes are not allowed on eBay. Although many may be listing them, I hardly think it would be wort the risk of getting your account locked up by eBay once your reported/caught.

This what eBay has to say -

We don't allow replicas, counterfeit items, or unauthorized copies to be listed on eBay. Unauthorized copies may include things that are bootlegged, illegally duplicated, or pirated. These kinds of things may infringe on someone's copyright or trademark.

To read more please go to Link hidden: Login to view

Might be best to start researching for a better niche to consider :)



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9 Sep 13 05:46:35 am
There are some that get away with this on eBay.

However, I wouldn't brother with it. They will shut down your listings, and you won't get a refund for seller fee's.

Hope this helps.

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17 Sep 13 09:28:19 pm
Yeah, as has been said already, simply not even worth considering if you value your ability to market on eBay at all. There is most definitely quite a few that do and get away with it, however there are many more that try and end up loosing their eBay accounts all together when they get caught.

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