Is the 'Buy It Now' option on ebay useless?

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21 Jun 10 01:32:55 am
my experience with using the buy it now option, completely sucks..

i have tried to use it about 10times, and no luck at all. even the visits are really low.

i am wasting my time right?

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21 Jun 10 02:03:32 am
In my experience I've found that the Buy It Now option works best in combination with an auction price on second-hand big ticket items, like dining tables, TVs etc. This is probably because some people need those items urgently, and are prepared to pay a bit more to secure it. I've also found they work quite well on second-hand books.

A Buy It Now can also be a good way to drive the auction bidding up, as it gives people an indication of what the item is worth - e.g. you list a TV with a starting price of $400, and a Buy It Now of $750.

On the other hand, I Buy It Now's haven't worked at ALL for me on items like new and used DVDs and clothing! I'm guessing this is because there are a lot of sellers offering these things, and they tend to be items people want but don't 'need' - so the urgency is not the same.


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22 Jun 10 01:06:47 am
I used the Buy It Now for a while and I realized that buyers tend to wait out the auction to save money. You must also take note that the Buy It Now does not work well when your listing indicates multiple quantities available. I use my Buy It Now for one item at a time. Thanks.


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