Is there a way to track how many times a certain word is searched for on eBay?

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11 Jun 10 09:27:58 pm

Is there a way to track how many times a certain word or words is searched for on eBay?

For instance if I found a great source for Excalibur Swords and want to know how many times people are searching for that item per day/week etc... is there a way to find that out?

I just started using Auction Inspector but that doesn't seem to be providing this level of information---

Any recommendations??

Thanks so much!!

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14 Jun 10 06:33:30 am
Hi SirLancelot,

I couldn’t locate any free keyword search counter tool for eBay but I saw one that can count how many watchers there are for a specific product. This tool can also give the number of times a particular item has sold previously on eBay which can fairly give you an idea whether a specific item is a consistent eBay seller.

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Hope this helps. :)


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14 Jun 10 06:45:31 am
I don't think there is a free way to get this information, but Keyword Discovery provides it:

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The SaleHoo Research Labs will give you a picture of overall internet searches for keywords and eBay sales information for the product, so you should find that pretty useful.

You can also see popular searches for eBay here, but no figures are given: Link hidden: Login to view


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18 Jun 10 02:59:12 am
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Don't say I didn't try.


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