Is there less traffic in and Google Shopping?

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9 Apr 15 01:26:13 am
Hi All.

Can someone please explain a situation to me please?

I have a booth on and the feed gets uploaded to Google Shopping every day.
I had one sale in six months even with a paid pro membership. I upgraded to all the advertising they offer. More views but still no sales. I even lowered the prices to almost nothing with free shipping.

Then last week I decided to upload the whole thing to eBay. I raised the prices and now my items are selling all from eBay.

I was under the impression Google Shopping was suppose to produce the most sales. Why would eBay produce more? That is what I would like explained.

Thank you.


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9 Apr 15 01:58:38 am
All I can say is eBay would be my first choice out of everything, including Google Shopping. I think they provide the best targeted marketing option.

Mark (fudjj)

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9 Apr 15 09:41:46 pm
Thanks Mark.


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27 Apr 15 05:42:25 am
Hate them all you want (and I mean it, I hate eBay plenty!) but at the end of the day, it's where the buyers hang out. If you're averse to selling on eBay, which would be understandable, you might consider perusing their vast list of Link hidden: Login to view -- by definition, there are no buyers of those things on the site.


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30 Dec 15 10:24:34 am
i know one guy who makes a living selling on bonanza completely so its definately possible.


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