Is women's lingerie a good niche to start with?

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12 Aug 09 08:11:31 pm
Hi, I'm new to selling and want to build my business on a niche that isn't going to be always changing at such a rapid pace. I'm pulling my hair out trying to keep up. I have heard from different people who also sell online that being in the lingerie business has been very good to them and that is something that will always be a need for women.

My question is, does anyone feel that this type of market is too saturated or is there plenty of room for one more and still see a decent return.

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12 Aug 09 10:48:07 pm
You will often hear the term 'saturated market', but in most cases it is mentioned when talking about eBay. Yes, eBay is saturated in most areas, and I would suggest that lingerie would be one of them.

Everyone has to remember that eBay maybe the biggest marketplace in the world, but it's not the only one!

There are always markets, online and offline, you just have to put the cash and the work into developing them. Will that guarantee anyone of success, investing bucket loads of cash and working 16 hours a, it most certainly won't, but if anyone wants a guaranteed income working a regular 8 hour day, my suggestion is to get a job working for someone else.

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13 Aug 09 12:19:49 am
Hi stow72,

If you are going to sell your items on eBay, here are 2 things you can do to check if you're selling the right stuff:

1) Check out the popular searches and most popular products on eBay:

Popular searches: Link hidden: Login to view
Best selling products: Link hidden: Login to view
eBay pulse: Link hidden: Login to view

2) Perform completed listings searches for products or brand names to see the conversion rate and average selling price.

To do a completed listings search, simply click the Advanced Search button next to the main eBay search box. Enter your search keywords as usual, and then check the Completed Listings box. Hit search and you'll see historical data for the previous 30 days. Successful items are in green; unsuccessful items are in red.

Also here are a few articles on great eBay alternatives, please have a read:

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It may also be a good idea to browse through our blogs. I'm sure you'll find a handful of really helpful tips in there.

Cheers :)


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22 Apr 16 03:05:26 pm
It sounds like good niche, clothing seems to have a higher return rate due to various reasons such as size, the color and so on.


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