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Issues with eBay's seller rating system - Your tips needed?

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17 Oct 12 06:37:39 am
What is it with the seller rating system on Ebay? Due to some undeserved negative feedbacks months ago (thats whole another story) rating crashed from 99.8 % to 97.6%, so all my listings search standings went from page 1 and 2 to page 6 or more. Naturally sales dropped like a rock, however have been working hard to regain my rating as it takes 12 months to lose the negatives. Any how was pretty happy as just recently just managed to crawl back to a rating of 98% where at least one will be rated as a standard seller, instead of a below standard seller. Anyhow received another positive feedback today and lo and behold my rating suddenly dropped like a rock down to 97.6%. Go figure how did that happen when all i have received are positive feedbacks. This is crazy Ebay keep sending messages stating ' you need to improve your ratings to avoid seller limits' finally manage to clamber back up and bang back to where i was 2 months ago.

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19 Oct 12 12:11:23 am
I'd dig back through your feedback, make sure there's nothing amiss there, then screenshot it and send it to eBay support. As much as I complain about eBay, I must begrudgingly admit that they are usually attentive to problems like that, where a match glitch or whatever has skewed your ratings.

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19 Oct 12 02:48:32 am
Hi pcostie,

Frank's right at this point your best option is to get hold of eBay support so you can get the entire issue straightened out or at least so they can provide you with a valid explanation as to why your seller ratings keep diving.

I have tried search for any update in case they (eBay) are having issues with their feedback system, but so far found none.

Do keep us posted as to how eBay will resolve this one.

All the best!


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21 Oct 12 09:00:51 am

Yes might have to do that just had my seller review today and now rated at 336
336 + 8 = 97.7% yet when i look at my positive feedback number for 12 months is 356 ?

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