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Just an FYI

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30 May 08 12:08:19 pm
Welcome to Bidville.com. Bidville is owned by uBid.com Holdings Inc., and due to uBid.com Holdings Inc.

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31 May 08 05:54:57 am
It won't come true and I'll make sure that it never does. Bidville will not go away. VERO will never own Bidville too, they need to step the hell away from what they're doing before full on strike everywhere!!

PS: If it even had a hint of happening, all the wholesalers should band together to save Bidville.com!! We all need it as it is the future. If it even ever did happen the wholesalers should band together and start a class-action suit against eBay for violation of the monopoly charter.

Auctions in general exist so there is competition at all times. Anything else is a monopoly. Microsoft and the worst of the worst learned that lesson. Google finally learned that lesson. Competition is mandatory!!! 'NO ONE' I know should agree to a business to consumer excess inventory model, that sounds like some kind of sick joke like the BORG from Star Trek. We don't all follow any hive mind. These deplorable conglomerates need to learn that!

NO MORE monopolizing the industry, period. There must always be 3 to 4 competitors to places that become rotten like eBay, and you all need to make your voices heard to ensure it happens and the web stays free. We are being totally repulsed by decisions corrupt corporations try to make for us. Fight back, ruin their reputation. Find resources, band together and sue them. I say if they ever attack people like has been the case against Bidville, hit back hard and get them prosecuted & sidelined for violating the official monopoly code.

Bidville will definitely not just go away overnight. It won't happen, uBid can't control anything they do since Bidville owns its own servers. Bidville can just go to Godaddy or any other place get full hosting, take care of service and never look back. They will never give up I can tell you.

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