Just came across this-www.jonesdeals.com 100% free

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16 Jan 10 03:18:13 am
Nothing compares to Ebay but this site is 100% free and has all the auction features. I just signed up as a member and listed a few things. Its actually really easy and nice to see other alternatives.

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16 Jan 10 03:53:51 am
Not bad. Its ok that its free but do they offer different ways of advertising the site? do they push your items to google and others to get viewed? I looked them up on Alexa.com and it doesn't look good if buyers can't find the site. Don't want to be negative here but having a free site to sell and buy on is nothing if buyers can't find the site. So in essesence its really not adding up compared to the time you need to list your items and maintain it.

See this is why my Idea of a site made up of pushing advertising is what we all really need at this point. Not just another site that pushes the name FREE on it..


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