Just starting out - need your advice

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9 Aug 06 09:59:07 am
Hi all, thanks for taking your time to read this. It is appreciated very much. My name is Steve and I am new to wholesale and I am finding it very hard to find a gap to squeeze into, I now have a very small start up fund since I have spent

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12 Aug 06 10:35:59 pm
hey man,

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13 Aug 06 12:08:52 am
there are a lot of good suppliers in the forum too. if you're looking for a specific item there's a section of the forum for that.

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18 Aug 06 06:11:26 pm
Welcome and please take the extra time to review all of the posts. There is a lot of good information within the forum that might point you in the right direction. You might not find the cheapest products but you will find some products that will turn a small profit. We can't get rich overnight but we will slowly but surely earn the capital needed to buy in bulk later.

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18 Aug 06 11:05:50 pm
Hello Steve and welcome to the site. As the prev. posters have said, yes there is alot of good suppliers on here. Is there something you are intrested in as far as selling? Such as a main item? Something your really intreseted in?

Ex: clothing,electronics etc etc.

We can go from there on trying to help you out somemore.

I too have been in the same boat ( spending money on junk and ways to make mney) and ended up with nothing or very little profit.

So far I must say I love this site. It's the ONLY one that has helped me out.

Hang in there steve, we are here to help!

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19 Aug 06 06:15:01 pm
Just some advice that Im finding out here from being new here,looking for the wholesaler's ,yes you will find them,there are many with many item's..If you can't talk to them on the phone and make a wholesale deal with them ,I don't think there's any money to be made here..The people here that have the good outlet's Im sure won't share them.
It's much more wiser to make a deal over the phone,You know the warranty's, the person you spoke too,and what you gonna pay for your item's including drop ship..


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