Key to Ebay don't you want to know

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29 May 07 03:26:34 am
I may be just one Ebay seller, but let me tell you, there is something most people are missing. Like the post said, you should really never reveal your niche, however let me help some of you out.

There is so much copycat on Ebay. Seriously, how many people can sell Ipods, and game systems, jewlery does a bit better because of the array. Yet the real success in Ebay will be creating something new. You want to be successful, find something new. Nothing, with the exception of selling non-allowed items is holding you back.

So do yourself a favor take some time and find your own niche, don't share it, market it. This is where your success lies.

Good Luck!

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2 Jun 07 02:58:39 am
Develop your niche from your online store, and bring that to virtually every area of the business.

Create eBay, uBid, Sell At Once and other places to be an extension of your store and therefore a place where you can without reserve open up your niche market and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

If you can consistently satisfy your customer base, even if you aren't the biggest or the smartest or anything will have the most success, and your niche business will be at your command and able to be tapped into all over the world.

That's right don't listen to the experts.

Don't ever sell one thing over and over again.

Develop and secure the niche markets tailored to you, and then sell a different thing all the time and watch it go bigger and bigger.


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