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Last months ebay Listing and Selling fees were paid for me !

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11 Nov 07 07:34:06 am
I'm not a Big seller like some. I've got 466 FB 99.4%. My fees are around +/- $100 a month. Since I signed up with this FREE service that happens to be an affiliate of Ebay-Paypal I've generated enough to pay all but $4 of my last months bill...no joke.
This sounds like a lot of scams I know...but it's the truth. To a smaller seller like me this is $$ in my pocket.
I get part of that from refering people..I won't lie...so will you ! Also I've found out as a Seller I can offer this to my customers and it saves them money and so they love it too... It's a win - win situation and again it is 100% Free. This could help a lot of sellers out there I know. So if this sounds like something you'd benefit from,email me here at Salehoo and I'll give you the particulars and try to answer any questions. Tryin' to Help Not Scam.
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