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Liquidation.com - don't buy branded clothing from them!

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8 Sep 10 10:25:39 pm
Wanted to give everyone a warning. I recently sold what was suppose to be a Christian Audigier shirt online. I then get contacted saying that it is a fake. Now I am stuck with 20 shirts that are not authentic and out several hundred dollars.

In order to try to find actual, authentic shirts form Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier I contacted the wholesale department of Ed Hardy. They do not sell to online retailers because it would compete with their online business. Only had my business since July and it already appears to be over! Not sure what to do from here. Any advice would be appreciated.

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9 Sep 10 01:26:44 am

Did you try contacting Liquidation.com? We used to sell on that website, and although they have an inspection period of 48 hours, when it comes to the authenticity of an item they may make an exception and alow you to dispute past that time frame.

I will say this though, there are plenty of reputable sellers who sell name brand clothing, but you should try to stay away from large lots of new brand name items like Ed Hardy, Gucci, Prada, and other extremely high end items. These type of designers generally don't liquidate off large lots of those brand names, so a lot of those items floating around on the internet are fake. Now that is not to say you can't get them within department store lots mixed in, but usually not in high quantity, or at a low price.

If you are interested in name brand clothing. Try visiting our website. We have many different types of lots liquidated directly from U.S department stores, so authenticity will never be a problem (we have documentation of authenticity for any item contained in one of our lots). We also have great selling brands too!

If you need any help with contacting or making your case with Liquidation.com though, please fee free to message us as we were sellers with them for a couple years and I know the in's and out's with that company pretty well.

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10 Sep 10 09:08:00 pm
I have spoken with a representative from Liquidation.com. They have assured me that what I have purchased is real and have documentation to back it up. The person claiming that what they purchased was fake mysteriously will not respond to my emails. I offered to give them their money back if they returned the shirt and they said no. Why would someone claim something was fake, not accept the money back, and cause problems? Doesn't make sense!

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10 Sep 10 09:58:56 pm
Just in support of Tim's point in regards to designer names being sold off in large lots. It's very true, big names are hard to find, and when you do get access to them they are in limited numbers and usually at least last seasons, but can be several seasons old.

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