Listing on - any advice?

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19 Sep 10 05:46:15 am
Just wondered if anyone else does like me and any complications i might have in the future if i don't switch over to UK listings now.

I use listings for a few reasons, better and busier categories, picture pack is a lot lot cheaper, i dont have to offer free p&p or limited p&p and i dont have to put my address at the bottom of the listing.

The down sides are, its a pain converting dollars into pounds all the time, SMP wont work on so some features dont work, some auction listings wont show up in my ebay shop and if ebay were to force me to use UK listings in the future i would have a hell of a lot of work making new UK listing templates for each item, i currently only have 30 BIN active but im listing about 10 a day so it would be better to switch now before i have 100's on,

Basically is it best for me to switch to UK listings from now on and tick the little box to show up on or just carry on with the US listings?

hope to hear some views on this,



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21 Sep 10 03:01:35 am
Hi stirfry :)

I think its a matter of weighing the pro's and con's in your situation.

It's true that listing on will give you a wider audience along with the other advantages you mentioned in your post. While eBay UK brings you closer to home, no need to convert currencies postage may be easier too.

For one factor that really matters is the answer to this question: Where are making more SALES? I think the answer should point you towards the right decision.

So all as you are able to meet the requirements eBay will let you list on rather than locally (eBay UK).

Hope this helps.


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