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30 May 07 02:42:43 am
I usually purchase designer goods from China to sell on ebay and the last two items I listed on ebay I actually sold and then tried to relist and it was removed. These were authentic. Is there anyone out there than can give me advice on this subject and how i can list things safely without a problem.

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31 May 07 01:08:25 am
Designer goods from china? Ive never heard of such a thing, Please specify what Kind of designer goods and the Brands.

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2 Jun 07 03:31:59 am
Never heard of designer goods from China, but on the eBay issue; yes, once you do post an item and it sells, eBays system recognizes the item as SOLD and will not allow you to relist because the auction/bidding/buy it now has ended. You can't relist a sold item unless the sale doesn't go through and you must claim a dispute. What I recommend in the future is for you to create a template and reuse the template each time you want to sell the same item.

Hope this helps.

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2 Jun 07 03:43:51 am
You can't relist an item once its sold, but you CAN save the HTML and copy it to your online store or other place for future use.

And you CAN give a second chance offer, if the item as described sold but you happen to have another in stock. Just click on 'Second Chance Offer' and send, it is 100% free.

If any others buy the item, you receive the payment and then can ship or have the goods dropshipped as normal.

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2 Jun 07 04:08:32 am
Just click SELL SIMILAR ITEM much easier.

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2 Jun 07 03:56:01 pm
authentic deisgner goods from china, i would like that info!


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