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18 Nov 09 01:12:26 am

I was thinking I'd like to open a turnkey website that also lets me add my own products possibly. I've researched on google and there seems to be a lot of bad press about whats a scam and what isn't.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what is a good turnkey site? I would prefer an Australian site if possible, and would like to also have one pre-loaded with products if possible.



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18 Nov 09 11:57:53 pm
Hi Shane,

Although turnkey stores sound attractive, they do not necessarily provide the most profitable products to resell and we do not recommend them. Rather we suggest that your own find suppliers. It may require a bit more work, but you get access to GENUINE wholesale suppliers offering the best wholesale prices on the internet. You can purchase directly from these suppliers and use their products to sell either online or at flea markets and brick and mortar stores. Plus you have complete control on what products to sell.

Hope this helps - Cheers! :)


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22 Nov 09 05:53:07 am
I had some bad experiences with these.
The people promoting them have access to all files & info
on the back end of the site.
Check out everything you are interested in beforehand at-

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25 Nov 09 03:41:30 am
I've used Turnkey's from depotnet in the past. I can't really complain about the service. they provided a nice looking site and it was seamless all set up in less then a few hours.

However, I came to a conclusion about turnkey's. I had an impossible time getting my products on Google Base. Initially Google Base (Froogle, shopping, etc.) wouldn't take it because the data feed format of depotnet was not compatible with Google's ever changing format. So I went and made my own flat file and uploaded it to Google Base (shopping) but they knew that the site was a 3rd party site (since depotnet was hosting and handling all the data feeds) - basically I couldn't get on Google Base.

Another thing about turnkey's, make sure you ask to see a demo site, or a live site they host. I personally want my url strings to have the product name - like: mydomain.com/telescopes/celestron810telescope.html
Google seems to like that for better placing. when the url string looks like domain.com/telescopes/asdlkjflkasdj22i9sda9fasdfjkl2?kjasdkj.html i think it slows down your ad quality (if you're running paid advertising.)

All in all a turnkey could be a great option for a easy start up, but keep in mind, if it's so damn easy - then everyone is doing it.... which means your competition in that market just hit the roof.


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