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Looking for a great website builder

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16 Feb 10 07:07:36 pm
I want to create a website and sell products online. Could someone steer me in the right directions on how to do so. I'm a first timer as well and could someone tell hoe to do it the legal way in the state of Utah.

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16 Feb 10 07:24:13 pm
You might want to try Go Daddy. Very inexpensive & they have a website builder. Tech support is great too.

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16 Feb 10 09:38:14 pm
These site builders are all pretty good:

eCrater (free)
Amazon Webstore
Yahoo Ecommerce
Auctiva Commerce


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16 Feb 10 11:08:43 pm
I'll throw in Zencart, ready made ecommerce website, and completely free.

Not the best looking site in the world, but you can then spend some cash to skin it with a large range of templates to suit your style, or even have something custom designed for it.

As DTS said, Go daddy provide a first rate service for hosting, and they do also provide their own web builder as an option for you to also consider.

The options that Grace has highlighted above are really good if you're new to the business, and just trying to get your feet. They don't provide you with the flexibility that a fully independent site does, but do save you on the expense, and are a great place to start out.

Another of those to add to that list would be Bonanzle.com

Mark (fudjj)

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17 Feb 10 04:05:36 am
Don't try Auctica Commerce...I have used them for a few months in the past with Lots of headaches and you really really need to spend countless hours building it up and at the same time keeping up with Auctiva's constent changes and also you need to Market it yourself.

If you don't believe me take a look at their Support Forums, you will see stressed out site owners complaining about site is down this feature doesnt work Why are there soooo many bugs all the time? lol that sort of stuff.

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18 Feb 10 12:44:37 am
I have also been a Auctiva Commerce user and I agree VEHEMENTLY with dwm here - don't go there - u will be starting out with a BAD impression of what online marketing and ecommerce can actually be like. It is just an extra headache you do not need. Things are challenging enough without that kind of stress.

Although ecrater does not give you full control of your ecommerce platform, it is a good place to start if you are working with limited funds because it will help you to understand the business without you having to fork out tons of money in the learning curve, since setting up there is free.

Once you have had some experience and understand your market better, then you can look at other options which will offer you more full control of your ecommerce platform, and still keep your ecrater site. Since it's free, you have nothing to lose except your time which you would have to spend no matter where you go.

my 1-1/2 cents worth.

P.S If you have a little bit to invest in the learning curve, I could steer you to a great program that is well worth its cost. PM me, if you are interested.

Either way, all the best in your new venture. Above all, don't give up! Peace!

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21 Feb 10 11:17:15 am
I'd recommend open source software like osCommerce or CRE loaded. Both are free and work great.

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21 Feb 10 11:26:48 pm
If you want a flash website builder you can try this:

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22 Feb 10 12:34:59 am
I've used godaddy.com and Yahoo ecommerce. Yahoo is EXCELLENT for newbies. Godaddy takes a little longer but let's you use HTML coding. Both are excellent in building a quick website. Good luck! Auctiva.com is garbage . . don't use those guys.

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22 Feb 10 08:18:05 am
Can use wordpress, joomla, etc.....free!!

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6 Mar 10 05:40:41 am
Find an inexpensive host that includes Joomla or wordpress.

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13 Mar 10 02:29:41 pm
Number 1 heads down is xsitepro. I have 2 sites already up and i knew squat before i brought this product:)

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