Making a profit from selling online

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6 Aug 07 01:15:17 am
Hey everyone

I'm currently attending college and am looking to make some extra money selling things online. I'm looking to shoot for maybe $100 profit off every batch of products I sell. At first, I planned on selling designer jeans online through ebay. The problem i've encountered, like many others, is that I cant find someone to sell them cheap enouph to make a substantial profit through ebay.

So, do you guys think my profit goals are obtainable being a small time seller like me. Also, do you think what I plan on selling is a good idea, if not, do you have any suggestions as yo what I should do instead?

Thank you for whatever help you can provide

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6 Aug 07 07:55:22 pm
If you buy them in bulk like from which does carry name brand designer jeans you can expect to make a good profit, but the downside is you have to put up more cash up front.


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