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18 Mar 16 11:55:34 pm
When listing your product for sale, there are certain key things you can focus on to improve your chances of a successful sale, especially when marketing in a very competitive environment.

Now of course there is the common sense stuff, making sure your product is competitively priced and so on, but this check list is more about making sure you have the little things sorted.

Keywords - Using good search terms to list your product under is important for drawing target rich traffic to your listing

Images - Quality images, an as many as possible to show off the product. You have to remember, one of the big disadvantages for online shoppers is not being able to pick the item up and touch it to look more closely at it, so your images need to counter that disadvantage as much as possible.

Copy - Again, there is no sales person to assist in the online environment, so your description has to play the role of a silent salesperson for you. Poor descriptions, too short, badly formatted, spelling errors and so on are equivalent to a poor salesperson in a store and they will cost you sales every day of the week.

A good salesperson is informative, engaging and well presented, always ready to serve. Follow that same principal when designing your description and you will have a silent salesperson the equal of any real salesperson.

Customer Service - Responding to enquiries quickly, very quick shipping times, these types of things show a customer that you care about their patronage and customers like to think they matter. Provide customers with unrivaled service and they will respond by spending their money on your products.

OK, that's a quick check list to help sharpen up your chances of success. In an online world you have to get as close to 100% as possible to ticking every box. Those little boxes that you overlook, the little 1% boxes that seem unimportant, can be the difference between you and a competitor and that can be the difference between them making the sale and you not making a damn thing!

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27 Jun 16 06:45:06 am
Awesome I like this.

Thank you


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