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17 Dec 12 05:37:25 pm
So I was looking at some of my competition on ebay today, and noticed one person had over 800 entries into one of the categories I'm testing out. Now I'm still doing things by hand at the moment, so obviously I couldn't match those numbers. But it got me thinking. Does that really help any? How many of those hundreds of items won't get a single hit? Should I be looking at a listing program straight off so I can flood a category that much with nearly identical items, in some cases listing each color separately just so it's more likely someone will stumble onto one of my listings?

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17 Dec 12 07:20:54 pm
It is certainly a format that quite a few use, and to some degree of success. Of course, the more products you have in front of a customer, the more chances you have of getting a sale (well that's the theory at least)

You still have to follow good marketing techniques, make sure you're competitive with the competition across the board and so on. Perhaps the biggest issue in doing it this way is cost, lot's of listings equals lots of listing fees!

To be super successful on a platform like eBay, I would suggest it's a position that you should most definitely be aiming at, but it's a massive leap straight off the bat. My suggestion would be to find your feet with a few products first, hone your marketing and then start to build your stock profile up when you are rolling.

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18 Dec 12 12:03:32 am
I totally agree with Marc's advise. I think it would be best that you build your business an a strong and solid foundation. One way of doing that is by creating professional product listings :)

Here are a few guides on how you can make yur listings stand out from the rest!

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Also, you might find our Link hidden: Login to view helpful.

Remember although having a lot of listing may make your chances of landing a sale higher, it still boils down to the quality of the listing and not the quantity that will get your products recognized.



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18 Dec 12 04:15:46 am
There are many heavy hitters out in the eBay marketplace. Many list hundreds of items and work on the saturation means of getting sales. Some only make about $1 an item but ship over a hundred per day.

Some literally spend 12 to 14 hours a day doing eBay and have several computers going with many accounts.(I won't get into that.) Some of the more experienced sellers work out the search metrics and how to get their items up in front of the most people.

One trick was to overcome the MS software limit by spelling Microsoft Micro Soft which worked until recently. Don't try it you'll get suspended.

Some find their listings not showing and or showing far down the pages and figure out how to get them up top.

My take on this is if you want to make it big on eBay, you have to want to spend your whole day on the computer constantly looking for suppliers and niche products.

Example: I saw one guy selling route 66 signs. Real highway signs. And his story was that he picked them up from a town along the route found in a back room. I know where to get them and have an account with that company. He was selling them by the dozen for about a month and making about $50 profit per sign until others caught on and saturated the market.
He probably made 2 to 3 g's on that niche until it dried up.

I'll bet during the time he was selling the product he was working on his next niche product every waking hour.


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