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18 Jan 08 01:50:18 pm
Just to let you know, everyone who got the free mentoring program, I hope you enjoyed it. It's just a quick note to say there are only a few more places left and on Monday, the door will be closed for ever....So if you want some free information on how to sell on line, check it out...

But I can share with you my success using some of the tactics used in the the program.

#1. I selected my niche market
#2. I created my product
#3. I then created a kick ass sales copy
#4. I advertised and it cost me $35 for a 5 day ad...
#5. Within day 3 I'd made $632 profit...

Its now day 7 and still the moneys coming in! It took me a total of 7 hours to create this from scratch!

It goes to prove that you can make money from nothing...I hope this gives the people who signed up to the free mentoring pack more confidence.

You can do it!


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