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Mini instruction manual for new eBayers

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26 Mar 09 04:23:22 am
I thought I would make up a mini instruction manual for
new eBayers.

FIrstly, get your Paypal account up first. Make it a premier or business account.
Completely verify it with a bank account and credit card.
Use a new checking account with a savings attached. Don't use the one
you are using now but a brand new one.
And use a Simon gift card if you can for the credit card. This step can be left out.
Also, apply for the Paypal debit card.
All the above can be done in about 3 days with the approval for the debit card taking
up to 3 weeks. I got mine in two.

What you want with the Paypal account is one which is separate from anything else.
It has its own checking/savings account and its own credit card which are used solely
for Paypal/eBay.

Now once the Paypal account is up, create a new eBay account.
Make sure it matches exactly to the Paypal account in personal info.
Don't click the link to Paypal button from eBay. Just add the email
you use with Paypal.

I had stated previously that for every transaction you do on eBay to make sure
you immediately pull the funds out of Paypal into your checking.

In the beginning, you don't want to do that. Let the funds sit in your Paypal account.

Scammers try to pull their funds out right away in new accounts.

Also some funds will be held. SO let them be held from you Paypal account. They like that.
I recently had funds held in a new account I created. I shipped the item fast priority mail
and got feedback fast. They automatically released the funds within a week. So you will get the funds back!

Here are some new eBay account tricks of the trade.

Don't sell new brand name items until you reach at least 50 and preferrably 100 feedback.
Its ok to sell used brand name stuff.
This is stuff like clothes you might find at Macys or fancier places.
Also includes purses, watches, diamonds etc... .

Don't buy a bunch of cheap items on eBay to get FB.

Dont sell penny items of no value with no shipping to get FB

Both of the above are called FB manipulation and will get you into trouble.

You may do a few instances of the above but only a couple a week.
But be careful with the above. Best not to do it at all.

Sell anything you have around the house at .99 opening bid with fair shipping.
Try to do Priority mail through Paypal. Your tracking info is automatically
added to your transaction on Paypal. This is good when they hold your money-which they will.
Some items aren't worth doing Priority mail so 1st class will be OK.

Do not drop ship until you have some feedback.

Sell sell sell and ship real fast.

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26 Mar 09 06:47:34 am
uhm if u posted this up 2 years ago It would definitely really helpful for me lol .....

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26 Mar 09 07:36:08 am
You're a star planes, ever considered writing an e-book. I reckon you could fill three chapters on PayPal alone :)

Mark (fudjj)

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26 Mar 09 03:58:10 pm
Very good, A+.

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27 Mar 09 03:01:28 am
Thanks for the kudos guys.

A lot of eBayers try to sell with a basic Paypal account and get jammed up.

I can't take all the credit though. I have learned a lot of this from others who have multiple Paypal and eBay accounts.

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27 Mar 09 03:10:54 am
Great guide Planes.

If that saves one newbie from getting trapped then its a fantastic article and well worth the time!

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3 Apr 09 01:20:12 am
Instead try a Bonanzle manual, Ebay is old news and bad news

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