Multiple categories - one website?

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31 Jul 12 07:47:25 pm

Just starting out but if I wanted to sell products from varying categories, is it ok to put them all on the one website or should they be placed on their own individual websites?

My thoughts are that if they are all placed on the same website this would 'dilute' any SEO process of getting ranked on Google

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31 Jul 12 09:49:34 pm
I'm no expert in SEO, so I won't comment on the impact there. However, from marketing aspect, the last thing you want to do is fragment your market. Cross marketing of products can be very effective, it's exactly the same principle that shopping centres employ.

The things to watch out for are keeping your categories well defined. Don't let categories bleed in to each other, making it confusing for buyers. It's also important to cross market your categories, so always have easy navigation and prompters to encourage customer browsing in one category to visit others while they are there, even though it wasn't those categories tat brought them to your site initially.

In regards to your own site, have you given any consideration to taking on a SaleHoo store as your store platform?

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1 Aug 12 01:46:12 am
Hi Sintl8,

I'm no SEO expert myself but I think if done right you should have a relatively successful store.

I have read that your first consideration should always be how your customers will see your site -How a customer will be able to navigate through the various categories to find the products that they want to buy.

Ideally you should not clutter your store with too many categories, too many categories many increase your risk for customer confusion :) Also, you should make your listings as well as your category titles SEO focused, using keywords that a customer would use when searching for products online.

On a personal note, I like shopping on sites that offer more than 1 product line, as a shopper this will help me save time.

Hope this bit helps you with your store! And if you haven't yet do check out our very own Link hidden: Login to view



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